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To live means to connect

LikeU Worcester is a charity focused on helping people to reach out, connect and overcome differences. Fear, anger, prejudice – we make it our mission to meet them with compassion, sympathy and friendship until hate and discrimination will cease to exist in the world we believe in. We are a registered charity, our number is 1187973.

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Our projects

People's European Aid Centre
As the Centre is closed due to COVID-19, Please FInd us on Facebook if you need help!
Debate Club
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As per COVID-19 Outbreak, the Debate Club has been suspended. Stay in touch!

Hate Crime Support
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You can also reach out to us in any way convenient – whatever have you experienced, we’re here to help.

Who We Are

About Us

Since 2013, It is our privilidge to help the ones in need

Our journey with helping people started when we were volunteering for a charity called Yellow Scarf (if you would like to find more about their good work please see their website As we are forever grateful for the experience our friends provided we feel like it is time for us to focus on different problems: discrimination, hate crime and mental issues connected to them.  Our time with Yellow Scarf has made us realise that almost all social and mental struggles are based on fear, prejudice and inability to communicate and solve problems.

Our team has decided to dedicate their lives to remove as much inequality, injustice and harm as we possibly can. We want to achieve that with the most powerful tools available- friendship, knowledge and happiness. You cannot fear what you know, you will not discriminate what you like and you will not try to hurt something that makes you happy. These rules have served us well through our time with Yellow Scarf and we feel that in today’s troubling times they are more important than ever.


Meet The Team


Leszek is one of our most dedicated Trustees, a person with vast experience in web development and nuances of online world. He manages our online presence, organises all of our software, protects us from cyber bulling and is always there to advise us on how to proceed with caution and precision necessary in these areas. In his free time he enjoys long rides on his mortorcycle.


Natalia has moved to the UK at age 11, and understands the struggle of growing and settling in new environment better than anyone else. Now, working as an interpreter, she helps people with everyday issues – and, whenever she cans, she provides her expertise to our atendees. 
As a hobby, Natalia likes to explore foreign cultures, mostly African and Jamaican.


An experienced minorities activists, Tomasz has spent all of his adult life helping less fortunate and excluded people. In our charity, he is the person that oversees our Projects – making sure that every charitable effort is done by the book. 
Also, Tomasz handles all of our indirect charitable inquiries – you can contact him on
In the scarce time he has left, he enjoys his piano and martial arts.


Jack focused his career in financial markets towards helping people. As an experienced financial advisor, his goal is to make sure that in the vast and confusing environment, people will get the support they need. 
In LikeU, he provides crucial support to people that struggle with financial matters – oftenly guiding them through T&C’s right to the happy ending.
His undying enthusiasm towards hiking can only be met by the way he enjoys curry with friends.


Every Charity needs a problemsolving yesman, and in Like U – Thats Lucas. He brings in great charisma, smile, empathy and always looks for solutions to problems that haven’t even fully emerged. He is a valued project manager, who can pass our mission and devotion to all the new coming volunteers – showing them, by example, how humbly and relentlessly help others.
He spends all his free time with his adorable little daughter, Nina.


Humble, wise, always happy to help – these words only begin to describe what an amazing Person Rafal is. Being the founder of Yellow Scarf, he continues to guide us – both through stormy waters of regulations and through challenging days of helping people. It was his encouragement that allowed our Charity to be founded, and its his ongoing support that allows us to do what we do sucessfully. 
Despite helping people, he has two amazing projects – Adam and Alice, which he grows with his wife Ela. 

Every little thing counts

How can you help us?


The heart of our Charity are its volunteers. We are proud to say that we can count on more than 40 people to help us help others, on numerous events and in The Compass Centre. Should you want to join them, please send us your contact details to


The easiest way to support a charity is to just allow it to function – we would be forever grateful for every donation. 
For our justgiving page, please follow this link:

Alternatively, for direct donations, please click the button below


We are always happy to expand our possibilities to help others. Whether you are a charity, public body or an individual who can help us help others more effectively – we would be delighted to hear more from you. Please send your inquiry to